Youth Substance Use Prevention

Youth Substance
Use Prevention

More than ever, state and community agencies are expected to use data to guide their decisions and measure their success. CPRD has the tools, technology, training, and services to meet the needs of both large state departments and local community based agencies. We help organizations to effectively use data to better serve their clients.

Illinois Youth Survey

The Illinois Department of Human Services has been funding the Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) biennially since 1990, and CPRD has been responsible for the administration and management since 2010.

The IYS is a student self-report survey administered in school settings designed to gather information about a variety of health and social indicators, including substance use patterns and attitudes of Illinois youth. The IYS collects and reports data for a scientific statewide sample and four sub-state sample estimates.

CPRD ensures that schools and communities receive their data back for planning and evaluation purposes by providing reports at the school and district levels as well as county and Chicago Community Area reports.

Substance Use Prevention Programs

CPRD provides evaluation and data management services that support the Illinois Department of Human Services/Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (IDHS/SUPR).

CPRD partners with state policy makers, the statewide professional development contractor, and local prevention staff to gather, analyze, and use data for quality improvement of substance use prevention programming in Illinois.

Engaging Youth for Positive Change

Engaging Youth for Positive Change (EYPC) is a program that targets youth ages 13-18 to become involved in civic engagement, and to learn, participate in, and change a local health-related policy.

EYPC has been successfully implemented by educators, club advisors, youth-group leaders, and others using policy to create healthy communities. By engaging youth directly in a collaborative community-based change effort, EYPC aims to give young people the skills, confidence, and experience they need to become effective advocates for positive social change.

Illinois State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup

The Illinois State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) was established in December 2004 to guide the assessment process for the Illinois SPF-SIG and has been fully functional ever since.

The SEOW has broad-based representation from Illinois state agencies including human services, education, state and local health departments, and higher education. This cadre of data experts and representatives oversee major state-level data systems and bring a technically accurate and practical perspective to discussions of data quality and interpretation.

The SEOW, as part of the state initiative SPF-PFS, serves in an advisory capacity for needs and evaluation data. The SEOW has also played a pivotal role in analyzing the availability and expansion of prescription drug consumption and consequences indicators to detect emerging trends. Through these important roles, the SEOW works toward its goal of improving the availability, quality, and use of data to drive decisions.