The Self Study for Middle Schools

The School Improvement Self-Study is a research-based data collection system developed and administered by the Center for Prevention Research and Development (CPRD) at the University of Illinois. The Self-Study for Middle Schools is a user-friendly set of surveys for administering to middle school students, teachers, and principals. An additional survey is available for parents. Schools can choose which surveys they want to use.

These confidential and anonymous surveys ask about middle school classroom practices, integration of instruction and curricula, decision-making practices, parent and community involvement, climate and attitudes, professional development needs, educational expectations, school safety, and student well-being.

The Self-Study for Middle Schools has these specific objectives:

  • To help schools understand the relationship between the implementation of practices that are part of their school improvement plan and student success in their school. This is crucial for schools struggling with NCLB and adequate yearly progress (AYP) for all student subgroups.
  • To provide schools with specific, reliable data on how the changes and practices targeted in their improvement plan are being implemented at the school, grade, and classroom levels.
  • To provide schools, local and state agencies, and other policy makers with critical information on the value and impact of bringing the school improvement plan to life.