Applied Research

Research can be highly theoretical until it is applied to real-world conditions. CPRD has a long history of creating and maintaining successful collaborative, real-world partnerships with local, state, and national organizations, agencies, and businesses conducting prevention work across the country.

These relationships help us to more directly connect basic research to our goal of improving the quality of systems and programs that serve communities, families, and children.


As part of its work with the middle-grades schools across the country who are seeking to use data in their school improvement planning processes, CPRD created a set of user-friendly data reports. These reports provide middle-grades schools with the results of surveys completed by faculty, students, and parents in their buildings. The goal of the reports are to provide schools with reliable and systematic information about practices (parent communication; classroom instructional strategies), functioning (collaboration opportunities; decision-making), and outcomes (school climate; distributive leadership; student belonging) for use in planning and monitoring continuous improvement efforts.